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Stan Kurtz

Stan Kurtz's Autism and Chronic Illness Bio

In 2003, Stan and Michelle's son was diagnosed with autism, a debilitating condition and a devastating blow to his family. After being told by a doctor to prepare for him to never speak, Stan abandoned his career path for 18 months and devoted himself to helping his son. Stan was unprepared for the resistance from doctors, specialists, even family and friends when setting out to help recover his son. "I was told by prominent doctors that parents couldn't change medicine."

More determined than ever, Stan learned all he could from researchers, doctors and other parents and pieced together information from around the globe and from 750 biological studies on autism. Stan and Michelle then designed and applied a customized program for their son, but only after first testing on Stan himself many drugs, treatments, nutritional supplements, and alternate food sources. By accident, Stan recovered from his long standing symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome and ADHD.

Their son was one of the early successful recoveries from an autism diagnosis.

Along he way Stan had invented widely used therapies including Methyl-B12 Nasal Spray and Methyl-B12 revitaPOPs™ - supplementation that can help individuals with chronic illness and neurological issues. Their family's journey was published, in the best sellers book Mother Warriors, a Mother's Journey in Healing Autism (Jenny McCarthy), Autism - Made in America (Gary Null), and Children's with Starving Brains (Jacquline McCandless M.D.)

As Stan applied his discoveries in a school setting, a great number of people began recovering from common chronic illness. After much push back from traditional doctors about this observation, Stan began filming the recoveries and publishing them online. Stan documented 500 recoveries, some of them have been used at presentations for the leadership of the National Institutes of Health and the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Stan and Michelle's son was introduced as one of the first children "fully recovered child from autism" in his appearance on the nationally syndicated television show, The Doctors. In 2006, Stan started The Yahoo Health Group, MB12Valtrex (, which 11 years later still has 5000 active families and practitioners discussing MB12, diets, antivirals and other treatment approaches for autism and chronic illness.

Today, Stan helps facilitate leaders and their teams to break through their impossible in the areas of strategy, culture and innovation. To find out more, visit