Parent. Researcher. Teacher.

Stan Kurtz

Stan is Partner, Creative Catalyst of Be Courageous, the motivational consultancy, partnering with Start Up's, Scale Up's and Fortune brands who are in pursuit of breakthrough outcomes in Culture, Strategy and Innovation. Stan helps leaders and organizations to create, grow and sustain purpose driven cultures and businesses, unlock rapid growth and mindfully impact the future.

Mindful Digital Bio:

Stan helped facilitate and shape the global impact of "The Work"​ of Byron Katie, one of the most prolific global leaders in freeing the world from stressful thinking and creating mind efficiency. Supported thousands of individuals and business leaders discover personal and professional breakthroughs through global events, and live interactive webcasts that hosting tens of thousands of participants from 20+ countries. Stan filmed, edited, and produced hundreds of mindful mini-documentaries on mindful breakthroughs including Turn It Around with Jenny McCarthy and Byron Katie.

Health Intervention Bio:

Stan became a specialist at recovering the unrecoverable. In 2003, Stan and Michelle's son was diagnosed with autism. After being told by a doctor to prepare for him to never speak, Stan paused his career for 18 months to innovate a new outcome. Stan was surprised at the resistance from doctors, "I was told by prominent doctors that parents couldn't change medicine."

Stan harvested data from scientists, doctors and parents around the globe, while obsessively studying the biological studies on autism and distilling the data to simple, strategic, safe and effective approaches. Stan and Michelle applied a customized strategy for their son, first testing on Stan many drugs, treatments, nutritional supplements, and alternate food sources. By accident, Stan recovered from digestive and attention symptoms.

Stan and Michelle's son was one of the early recoveries from an autism diagnosis.

Along the way Stan invented widely used therapies including Methyl-B12 Nasal Spray and Methyl-B12 revitaPOPs™ - supplementation that can help individuals with chronic illness and neurological issues. Their family's journey was published, in the best sellers book Mother Warriors, a Mother's Journey in Healing Autism (Jenny McCarthy), Autism - Made in America (Gary Null), and Children's with Starving Brains (Jacquline McCandless M.D.)

As Stan applied his discoveries in a public setting, a great number of people recovered from common chronic illness. Stan videoed 500 recoveries, some of which have been used at presentations to the leadership of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP).

Stan and Michelle's son was introduced as one of the first "fully recovered child from autism" in his appearance on the nationally syndicated television show, The Doctors. In 2006, Stan started The Yahoo Health Group, MB12Valtrex (, which 11 years later still has 5000 active families and practitioners discussing treatment approaches for autism and chronic illness.

Today, Stan helps facilitate leaders and their teams to break through their impossible in the areas of strategy, culture and innovation. To find out more, visit or contact Stan here.