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Stan Kurtz


Much of Stan Kurtz's early funding was generously donated by the Autism Research Institute. Web site design has been donated by Laura Shanahan Design (a mom of a child recovered through Stan's work).

Stan Kurtz’s Short Bio

Stan is a father who, along with his wife Michelle, has successfully recovered their son from an autism dignosis through biomedical and traditional interventions. Through the journey beginning with his son’s diagnosis and including his own illnesses, Stan has become an independent researcher, educator and advocate for the autism and chronic illness communities. His contributions are great and his breadth of knowledge in the area of autism and chronic illness recovery are stunning. He has invented widely used therapies including Methyl-B12 Nasal Spray and the latest innovaton Methyl-B12 revitaPOPs™ – supplementation that can help individuals with chronic illness and neurological issues.  Stan is well regarded in the autism and chronic illness community and provides inspiration and information to parents as they are working to find healing for their children. His advocasy and works can be found accross this site, on the revitaPOP site, in Mother Warriors, a Mother's Journey in Healing Autism (Jenny McCarhty), Autism - Made in America (Gary Null), and recordings from presentations accross the country. His website ( features chronic illness, ADHD and autism recovery stories and information to guide parents learning.  The Yahoo Health Group he founded, MB12Valtrex (, has 5000 families and practitioners discussing MB12, Diet, antivirals and other treatment approaches for autism and chronic illness. 

Stan has been the president of Generation Rescue. His recovery videos have been shown at presentations for the leadership of the National Institutes of Health and the American Academy of Pediatrics and his son was introduced as “a fully recovered child from autism” in his appearance on the nationally syndicated television show, The Doctors. 

Stan also founded the Children's Corner School biomedical program in 2004 and transformed it into one of the most comprehensive health focused schools in the country. He combined traditional education with a unique, individualized approach – a program of whole family healthful nutrition and environmental awareness. With a dietary chef, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, an infrared sauna, advanced air and water filtration, and environmentally sound products and practices, Children's Corner changed the way educators and families can frame schooling for the individual child. Stan left Children's Corner in 2009 while focusing on work with Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carrey and as President of Generation Rescue.

Stan’s work and presentations are based on what he learned through his son's journey.  This includes successful choices for him, mistakes Stan made along the way and candid discussion about his struggles along the way.

Today, Stan's focus is on publishing digital media to reduce stressful thinking, through The Work of Byron Katie.

About Stan Kurtz - by: Laura Shanahan, mom of a child Stan helped recover

In 2003, Stan's son was diagnosed with autism, a crippling condition for his son and a devastating blow to his family. After being told by a speech pathologist that his son was "too autistic to learn to speak," Stan, a technology executive and crisis intervention counselor, abandoned his career and devoted himself to helping his son. Stan was unprepared for the resistance from doctors, specialists, family and friends. "I was told by prominent doctors that autism treatment was not science-based," and, "Parents couldn't change medicine." More determined than ever, Stan learned all he could from people like Dr. Bernard Rimland and from organizations like The Autism Research Institute, and and peiced together information from around the globe. Stan then designed and applied a customized program for his son, but only after first testing on himself many drugs, treatments, nutritional supplements, and alternate food sources. By accident, Stan recovered himself from his life-long symptoms of ADHD and Irritable Bowel Syndrome, which served as the impetus for his later research.

While exploring modern biomedical treatments, supplements and diets for his son, Stan also made a remarkable scientific breakthrough. He created a vitamin nasal spray that, for some people, immediately and dramatically normalizes brain activity, restores immune system function, reduces chronic pain, lessens anxiety, and improves energy. Literally, many people who take this vitamin intra-nasally report functioning and feeling better within minutes. Dr. Richard Deth, from Northeastern University, called Stan's discovery "linked to the possible origins of human attention." This combination vitamin and delivery method called MB12 Nasal Spray, a prescription vitamin that has helped thousands of families and individuals suffering not only from autism, anxiety and sensory processing issues, but also from many chronic illnesses. In order to help as many families as possible, Stan has published the design of the MB12 Nasal Spray for public use. Stan then went on to innovate a uniquely effective, over-the-counter administration that takes advantage of a nerve on top of the tongue. This patent pending administration is available at,

In 2009, through another breakthrough invention, Stan developed revitaPOP, a unique non-prescription lollipop administration of tMB12 that is fun and effective. You can see videos of people taking the revitaPOP and hear their testimonials at the revitaPOP website.

Stan also discovered that many types of autism and chronic illness are a combination of undiagnosed viral, fungal and/or bacterial infections that interfere with the body's ability to clear toxins. This combination, together with an exposure to environmental toxins (or for some possibly vaccines), can deregulate a person's nutritional, digestive, immunological and neurological systems. Stan discovered that it can be this onset framework, and not genetics or vaccines alone, that is a primary cause of the metabolic and cognitive symptoms of autism and many chronic illnesses. In response to this discovery, Stan developed an anti-infectious strategy to partner with his MB12 strategies. This therapy not only recovered his child from autism, but is also helping thousands of families.

Because Stan's discoveries were so significant, yet greatly resisted by the medical community, he began to document countless dramatic and often immediate recoveries. Many of these videos can be viewed at on this site along with hundreds of written stories he has collected from families in his internet research group. The latest videos recorded with MB12 pops can be found here.

Stan has also produced groundbreaking videos documenting immediate, measurable brainwave improvements and brain blood flow normalization within minutes of using his MB12. These findings, which helped lead to a formal study of these products. Stan has also received grants from the Autism Research Institute (ARI) to continue his work.

Now in 2010, Stan has begun a couragous new recovery journey of documenting his relationship with addictive and obsessive thinking. It seems that so many people are struggling with addictive or obsessive issues and Stan is exploring them both through a combination of modern successful physical and mental health strategies including immune system and dietary interventions and The Work of Byron Katie.

Stan is a skilled and powerful speaker, with the unique ability to clearly articulate complicated research and information. He frequently presents his findings and theories at major biomedical conferences and physician's seminars. His highly popular and entertaining multimedia lectures include novel approaches to achieving optimal health for families with chronic illness and children with autism spectrum and related disorders. Stan will often demonstrate the profound effects of MB12 Nasal Spray in a live setting. He will also demonstrate how he can recognize attention issues, gut problems and mercury toxicity, simply by observing a person's eyes, face and hands.

Stan is not a doctor.

Stan is one of a few parent-researchers who has attended and presented at the Defeat Autism Now! Think Tank, the leading treatment focused autism research meeting in the world.

Once a teenager lost in the educational system and thrown out of school for his ADHD, Stan is now an empathetic, passionate advocate particularly those with a new diagnosis or those struggling with traditional therapies and chronic illness.

Stan received his teaching certificate at the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA). He resides in Tarzana, California with his wife and family.

Note: Mr. Kurtz is a parent, teacher and independent researcher. Mr. Kurtz is not a doctor. Please consider consulting a Defeat Autism Now! doctor or a Naturophathic Practitioner for more information about treatment.

Today, Stan continues his work with revitaPOP and publishing digital media on how to reduce stress and become clear minded through The Work of Byron Katie.

You can email Stan here.