Parent. Researcher. Teacher.

What Experts Are Saying

Note: These testimonials are about Stan Kurtz's work as a parent. He is not a doctor or a university researcher. The comments below are not designed to endorse all of Stan's observations.

In a Cinderella-like manner, Stan Kurtz has transformed himself from an autism dad into an autism investigator, and an autism, ADHD, and chronic illness guru. He has remarkable talent for observation and has shown an ability to translate these personal observations into credible, testable hypotheses. Stan has the soul of scientist couple to the personality of a compassionate communicator.

The striking effects of Stan’s Methylcobalamin research on EEG activity may represent a breakthrough, not only in understanding and treating ADHD, but in understanding the molecular origins of human attention.

From his innovative school program to his powerful video and internet work he has stepped into the center of a difficult public health situation with forward-looking practical solutions. He is a model of what clear thinking unfettered by bureaucratic inertia is truly capable of accomplishing.

The Autism Research Institute (ARI) is a sponsor of some of Stan’s research, which will likely have a profound affect on autism, ADHD, and the chronic illness communities. I also know Stan as a friend and I feel very strongly that his heart is in the right place and his work is important for the community. I can certainly vouch for his values, his desire to find the truth, and help as many families as he can.

Stan’s school is a leading school for children and could very well be considered a model to be followed throughout the country. Combining the benefits of dietary interventions, allergy alleviation, appropriate education, and supporting safe, efficacious bio-medical interventions for autism spectrum disorders – with visits to the school by qualified medical practitioners, Stan has created an environment that holistically treats the child, recognizing the symbiotic relationship between mind and body/cognition and health.

I did not realize the greatness of Stan until I personally got to know him. He has more knowledge about the biomedical treatment approaches and the science than I do. This is a man who never went to medical school but knows more than most docs in the field! But what is even more amazing is that he is so selfless and giving.

I thank the good lord for bringing Stan into my life. I am so honored to know this man. I hope that I can be of help and support to him as he has been to me and my practice with autism. Because of Stan, we are going to heal many, many children with ASD. God Bless You my brother.

Stan Kurtz has absolutely no concept of the meaning of the words don’t, can’t, it’s too hard, or it’ll never work. On faith, he built a school that includes children who are said to be unrecoverable with chronic illnesses and autism and successfully recovers them using various forms of natural therapies some say is nonsense while those who have been helped know it is not. Stan’s dream and vision and love for others, out of nothingness has come an army of children marching back into our world.

I first met Stan when I attended a DAN! Physician Training Program in Washington DC where some of his videos were played. I introduced myself to Stan and we later met at his school in Van Nuys. Stan is the real deal. He has recovered from ADHD and irritable bowel, his son is recovered from autism, and his philosophies, research and advocacy has helped hundreds of families improve their child’s health. Each new patient I see is given Stan Kurtz’s website.