Parent. Researcher. Teacher.
In the midst of the apparent devistation of losing our child to autism, I made a promise that if he recovered that I would help others.

My son did recover. The journey also led me to recover from irritable bowel and attention challenges. The journey provided a suprising bonus --an awareness to the environmental issues affecting our generation.

The intention of this web site is:

1.) To share our experiences as parents so that other families can quickly learn from our journey.

2.) To provide what I wish I had 30 years ago when my stomach began to hurt and my mind had difficulty focusing.

3. ) To leave you with what I longed to have when my son was diagnosed with autism and I felt dead inside.

4.) To provide information and hope.

Many of the things that are discussed on this site are natural remedies related to healthy living. Some things that we have done require a prescription. Some information on this site are based on science, some are individual stories. Either way, this site is not a guide for you or your child. It is information about others --anecdotes that ultimately are organized to help to educate you to have a more rounded discussion with your enlightened physician about what might be most appropriate for you or your child.

Science starts with observations. As science catches up with studies of these observations, and it will, the best chances for each of our children today is to help each other as best as we can.

If autism and chronic illness are caused or worsened by unbridled greed, then the opposite, then the antidote could be the rise of global consciousness and philanthropy.

I hope our journey helps to serve you and your family and please consider letting me know.

My very best,

Stan Kurtz