Parent. Researcher. Teacher.
In the midst of the pain and confusion of an autism diagnosis, I made a promise that if our son recovered that I would do what I could to help others. Our son did recover and this site was created to share our experience in service of supporting other families.

The journey also led me to recover from stomach issues, greatly improve my attention, and an awareness to some environmental issues broadly affecting many people.

The intention of this web site is:

1.) To share our experiences as passionate parent / independent researchers so that other families can more quickly get up to speed.

2.) To provide what I wish I had 30 years ago when my stomach began to hurt and my mind had difficulty focusing.

Much of the information on this site are related to natural remedies. Some approaches we have done as a family require a prescription. Some information on this site are based on science, some are individual stories. This site is not a guide, it is information you can consider -data ultimately are organized to help offer options and hope.

I hope our journey helps to serve you and your family.

My very best,

Stan Kurtz