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From: JB

Here it is now, Sunday. Jamie is repeating every word we say to him, without exception. Spiderman? Sure. Daddy? Of course. Diaper? Sure. We haven't heard most of these words before. I shudder to imagine how many words in a day we could get him to say right now...

In one day, with the addition of MB12 Nasal Spray, Jamie went from 5% echoing to 90-100%. I just don't know what else to say. We've been calling everyone to let them hear Jamie talk, it really is an amazing feeling. We are trying to remain calm, we know this is a rollercoaster.

As Anagram always, always says, NOTHING works for all kids. We did many things in a short period of time, the MB12 feels like the biggie, but this is profoundly unscientific. But, it is such a shocking change, I wanted to report the news.

From: Colleen

My son will be 8 in 9 weeks, I started him on MB12 Nasal Spray 3 weeks ago, never tried the shots, and I have seen some amazing things in him ever since. He called me "mom" for the first time, has been attempting new words, as well as saying words daily. He is more focused and sitting in his classroom longer with fewer sensory integration breaks. Even his artwork has changed, he went from scribbling or just writing the alphabet and numbers, to making actual drawings. Over the weekend he drew a snowman, a Christmas tree and self *portraits*, also has better memory recall, listening to us/following instructions, more interested in playing with games and interactive toys with us too! He has even cracked me up a few times with his sense of humor, laughing appropriately at TV, and has been more affectionate with us, hugs, back rub/pats, and playing with our hair.

From: Donna

Within two weeks of using anti-infection therapy, my son's eye contact was greatly improved and two months later he is about 80% recovered from autism with some expressive language delay. Now he is basically indistinguishable among the kids in the neighborhood and completely mainstreamed in his classroom.

From: Crystal

I had eczema every day for 49 years. Today, it's gone.

From: Yvanny

My son was biting a different kid every day. He wouldn't listen, he wouldn't behave. We couldn't take him to church or really anywhere without him misbehaving or hurting someone. Our doctor wanted to put him on medication. We just didn't know what to do. Then we went to Stan's schol and in a couple of days, maybe the same day, he totally changed. Today, now three years later, he is still doing amazing.