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MB12 Nasal Spray Summary

This is a DRAFT document - last updated 03/16/07

The Start of MB12 Nasal Spray and a Disclaimer

MB12 Nasal Spray was developed by Stan Kurtz, an independent researcher and father of a child who recovered from autism.

Stan is also NOT A DOCTOR. He is a parent. Further more, many of the conclusions in this document come from parent observations and not scientific study. Several studies about MB12 are in various stages, but little is published to date.

This document is supported with medical literature, scientific data, clinical observation reports, and parental reports. It also reflects the observations, views and personal experience of Stan Kurtz who is a parent (not a doctor). Mr. Kurtz’s perspective is driven from his personal experience including his own recovery from irritable bowel and ADHD symptoms. Additionally, it includes information from an evolving data pool of parents in his online group with 30,000 posts from 3000 members, many of which are sharing information on what has worked and not.

This document is not intended in any way to be medical advice. For medical advice, please consider contacting a doctor who understand the Defeat Autism Now! philosophy or a Naturopathic Doctor.

The information below is to help introduce the idea of considering Nasal Spray Vitamin MB12 administration and nothing more. For information about treatment consider seeing a doctor who has experience with MB12 and understands the Defeat Autism Now! philosophy.

Update June 2009: New! Stan invented and released RevitaPOP, the Methylcobalamin Lollipop that works without a prescription!

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Vitamin MB12 Nasal Spray compared to MB12 Injections in Adults

There are no studies that have been conducted yet that demonstrate which method works best for adults. Speaking to doctors who prescribe both the shots and the spray for adults, it seems there may be little difference in effectiveness. In Stan's personal experience, the shots worked well for him but the spray worked better for his bowel and attention issues and seemed to neutralize his need for MB12.

In summary there is little scientific data about MB12 Nasal Spray for Adults yet, but anecdotally it seems that the spray and the shots work similarly for adults. Until it is scientifically studied it is difficult to know for sure.

Vitamin MB12 Nasal Spray compared to MB12 Injections for Autism

MB12 for autism has been used most often in the subcutaneous injection form (small needles injecting MB12 into body fat).

There is one unpublished pilot study (O'hara, 2007) that shows subcutaneous injection may work more often than the spray in young children. The study was small and did not attain statistical significance.

In the MB12 Parent Group there are polls that show some children respond better to the shots and some children respond better to the spray.

On the Autism Research Institute Parent Report (Form 34) has only collected a small number of reports so far, but 67% reported their child improved on the shots compared to 56% said their child improved on the spray.

The doctor with the most experience with subcutaneous injections (Dr. Neubrander) believes that the subcutaneous injection works better than the spray for young children (see below).

Based on the current data, Stan's belief is the shots may work better for a greater number of young children, but the spray works for some children as well. The seemingly unique thing about this therapy is that some individuals seem to respond better to the shots or the spray. Since a six week supply of the spray is relatively inexpensive (approximately $50 dollars), it might make sense to talk to your doctor about trying a trial of both therapies if you can afford it and see which one works best for your child.

About Vitamin MB12 (Methylcobalamin) Nasal Spray

The first use of MB12 in the subcutaneous injection form was by Dr. James Neubrander, who through the work of Richard Deth PhD (download pdf) and Jill James, PhD (download pdf) on oxidative stress and methionine synthase discovered it may be helpful to children with autism.

Stan Kurtz had a philosophy of trying everything on himself that he would try on his son, and when he tried MB12 injections, it so happened that his symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Attention Deficit where immediately greatly diminished. 

Through further research coordinated with Autism Research Institute, Stan discovered that intranasal administration of MB12 worked extremely well. There is also published literature that supports that intranasal spray of cobalamin vitamins is similar in efficacy to intravenous (IV) administration and that it can have a cobalamin normalizing effect that other administrations do not seem to have.

Medical Literature

Methylcobalamin has been documented in the medical literature to help improve oxidative status in children with autism (and it seems to anecdotally help other conditions), it is said to be a novel antiviral for AIDS, helpful in fighting cancer, peripheral neuropathy, autonomic disregulation, it can help improve DNA methylation, nerve regeneration, and many other conditions.


Based on videos that Stan has published of trials of MB12, if the person is a MB12 Responder, it also appears to help, sometimes dramatically, with:

  • ADHD symptoms
  • Memory
  • Anxiety
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Dyslexia
  • Depth Perception
  • Viewing Color
  • Speech (finding words, apraxia, articulation, etc)
  • Socialization
  • Mood
  • Behavior
  • Sleep Regulation
  • Depression
  • Neurotransmitter function
  • Autoimmune symptoms
  • Chemical Sensitivity
  • Digestion
  • Viral Infections
  • Inflammatory conditions like rheumatoid arthritis, sciatica, fibromyalgia
  • Asthma
  • Irritable bowel
  • Colitis
  • Eye or muscle "twittering"
  • Tinnitus
  • Nail bitting
  • Migraines
  • Visual and auditory processing
  • Modulation of light
  • Night vision
  • Improved ability to process sounds and modulate background noise
  • Assisting in nerve growth
  • Blocking the effects of ethanol
  • Greatly reduces the desire for alcohol, coffee, marijuana, methamphetamines, and possibly many other addictive drugs and behavior

Effects of MB12 Nasal Spray

Based on video observation and QEEG monitoring, typical effects of MB12 Nasal Spray begin to occur within minutes (sometimes seconds) of the application. An experiment on QEEG activity showed that MB12 Nasal Spray worked almost instantly. On video, Stan has recorded many subjects feeling better often within minutes and sometimes seconds. Besides autism, which MB12 can have both immediate and long-term benefits, most adults report that any improvements from MB12 occur within the first hour of administration.

The average administration seems to last about 24 hours, but every person is different. Some people that seem to become depleted of MB12 in hours, others seem to feel the benefits for days. Very interestingly, we see reports that for some people the need for MB12 Nasal Spray decreases as time goes on. Additionally, the reduction of milk and wheat products, lessening complex carbohydrates and starches and improvements to intestinal flora may decrease the need for MB12. Some people, as in Stan's case, have reported that their need for MB12 completely diminishes over time.

QEEG Activity

In March of 2006, MB12 Nasal Spray was shown to seemingly normalize brain waves of a 23 year old with DSM-IV Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD). Testing included pre testing and 3 post tests including one immediately after administration. All test showed a dramatic lessoning of theta wave activity (3.5-7.5 Hz), which is common in attention challenges, and activity in the entire brain increased, while the subject was observed to be more relaxed and attentive while ocular “twittering” was greatly reduced. A more detailed report of this experiment is available here. This experiment was monitored by Jack Johnstone PhD from Q-Metrx.

Theta Activity - Before and After

QEEG theta wave activity before and after nasal MB12

UCLA Study of MB12 Nasal Spray

Stan began meeting with the ADHD research team at UCLA to present his finding on MB12 Nasal Spray. After much work, an IRB approved pilot study of MB12 Nasal Spray is being conducted by UCLA for people with ADHD. 

SPECT Activity

In March of 2007, MB12 Nasal Spray was shown to seemingly greatly improve brain blood flow of a 53 year old mom of two children with autism and personally struggling with fibromyalgia, depression, and symptoms of brain fog, trouble finding words, memory issues, attention issues and several other chronic symptoms. Along with other possible abnormalities, the baseline test shows a significant amount of hypoprofusion (reduced blood flow) in the temporal, frontal and prefrontal lobes. In the post testing, this individual was sprayed with MB12 Nasal Spray 50 minutes prior to the SPECT isotope being administered. In addition to the obvious temporal lobe improvement, the frontal lobes dramatically normalized (see the black circle markers on the interactive view). This single person experiment was monitored by J. Michael Uszler M.D. at Santa Monica Imaging.

Left Lateral Pre and PostBottom / Interactive View Pre and Post

Why Intranasal?

In an informal study at Great Plains Laboratories , they were unable to raise MB12 levels significantly in individuals using sublingual administration. Many anecdotal reports show that responders of MB12 Nasal Spray typically do not respond to sublingual or oral use. Out of thousands of MB12 reports from the MB12Valtrex group only a few people have reported benefits from sublingual MB12. Some researchers suspect certain genetic issues associated enzyme activity prevents the metabolism from gaining access to MB12 through sublingual or oral administration. We believe that a deficiency of certain types of bacteria in the intestinal flora and mucosa may have a possible role.

Intranasal vs. Shots

In the adult community of ADHD and chronic illness we believe that intranasal spray is the best method of application. In the autism community it seems that there are four types of responders to MB12.

1. People who respond better to Nasal Spray MB12

2. People who respond better to Sub-Q (subcutaneous) Shot MB12

3. People who respond to either

4. People who respond to neither

Dr. Jim Neubrander, the pioneer of the MB12 shot, believes that more children with autism will respond to the MB12 Sub-Q injection compared to MB12 spray. In our health group we see mixed responses. We have a new ongoing poll for people who wish to vote. These are the current standings comparing MB12 spray to shots (2/07).

spray vs shots

Our suggestion for people with autism is to consider a trial of both and see which works better for the particular child. For people with ADHD and other types of chronic illness, the spray may be the best option. Until we have a scientific study of all these options, we will not know for sure.

Nasal Spray Anecdotes

In addition to the MB12 recovery videos at that show almost instant improvement, there are hundreds of reports on our health web listserve and a short public list as well. Literally thousands of people have already tried MB12 Nasal Spray.

Additional Symptoms Commonly Reported in Responders

White coated tongue, ocular stress (eye twittering), night vision challenges, food sensitivities, chemical sensitivities, fatigue, chronic stress, frequent viral infections, previous ear or throat infections, trouble sleeping or waking up in the morning, difficulty maintaining weight and... more to come.


Today, many “autism friendly” and developmentally focused compound pharmacies carry MB12 nasal spray. The first pharmacy to compound MB12 for Stan was Coastal Compounding Pharmacy, phone: 866.354.5188, fax: 912.355.3685.

MB12 Nasal Spray requires a prescription when acquired in the United States. Doctors who typically agree to prescribe MB12 are doctors who are willing to try a non-medication remedy for illness. If your doctor does not wish to prescribe MB12 Nasal Spray, you can find a doctor who has commonly prescribed it for autism and related conditions a the Autism Research Institute’s Website, US practitioners list or outside the US.

MB12 is typically about $45 dollars for a bottle that lasts about 45-90 days based on the dosage and how often it is administrated.

Typical Dosing and Administration

Note from Stan: I am not a doctor and I do not give out medical advice. I am the inventor of this therapy, but I am mainly a parent who is just sharing information based on my own experience with my child and as a moderator of MB12Valtrex where many families talk about their experiences. Every person is different and should be treated as an individual. Some doctors have expressed a concern about me stating specific dosages of medications, so I will refrain from doing so in general terms. What I will do is mention some dosages that Coastal Compounding has made for different people. For specific dosing information, please speak to an enlightened, biomedically focused doctor. For a list of doctors please visit

For Adults (This dosage was approved for the UCLA Study, but see your doctor for dosing information)

1250mcg of MB12 together with 100mcg of folinic acid per .1ml spray once in each nostril once per day. MB12 is concentrated at 12.5mg/ml and the folinic is 1mg/ml

For Children (The most common dosage sold at compounding pharmacies)

625mcg of MB12 together with 50mcg of folinic acid once per day.

Parents report that taking MB12 after a meal is best, preferably breakfast (since it can provide a feeling of energy throughout the day). For young children who are sensitive to nasal sprays, some families administer it at night while the child is sleeping.

Some people do initial trials later in the after noon when they begin to feel tired, so they can better feel the difference pre and post spray.

Our original dosing was 1250mcg MB12 and 300mcg of folinic per spray. Some people believe that 300 mcg of folinic is preferred, but we have seen less sensitivity reports to folinic acid with starting at 100mcg or less. Talk to your doctor for more information.

Dr. Neubrander has stated that people with autism may have a greater sensitivity (but still may have a need) for folinic acid and it is suggested to start at a lower dosage of folinic (or just the MB12 by itself) before increasing the folinic dosage.

A New Non-Prescription option - "revitaPOP"

Stan invented and released RevitaPOP, the Methylcobalamin Lollipop available without a prescription! You can order yours now.

Watch videos of people talking revitaPOP.

Adjusting the Dosage for the Specific Individuals

It is very important to work with your doctor on dosing.

For biochemical, physiological and environmental reasons, each person’s need for MB12 may be different. As with many vitamins, it may be best to use as little as you need to get the desired results. Many reports have said that using more does not mean better results. Taking a break from time to time or trying to space out your administration has been helpful for some families concerned that they are administering too much.

It is very important to work with your doctor on dosing.


Folinic Acid is typically a wonderful addition to methylcoblamin. It often aids in the utilization of MB12 and tends to seemingly make the effects last longer. That said, if any hyperactivity or negative symptoms seem to occur, you might want to try the spray without the folinic acid.

It is very important to work with your doctor on dosing.

Application Tips

  1. Prime the bottle before administration.
  2. If you can, tilt the head slightly downward so angle of bottle is vertical. Then squirt deep into the nasal passage so that little or no MB12 comes running out.
  3. The liquid is red like beets or blood, so if some drips out, it may look like blood. MB12 is very gentle and it is very unlikely it could cause a nosebleed. There are a certain amount of children with autism who frequently have nose bleeds (in general, not from MB12). Some parents report that Vitamin K is helpful. If your child has frequent nose bleeds you should consult your doctor.
  4. Some persons report having increased results when also supplementing with zinc, Omega 3 EFAs like Cod Liver Oil, other B Vitamins like B6 and P5P, B2, and B5, Calcium, Magnesium, Vitamin A, D, and K, Taurine and Selenium. Check with your doctor about other vitamin supplementation.
  5. If a child is ultra sensitive to sensory stimulus, you may want to leave the bottle out of the refrigerator before application of the spray or spray. Some people with sensitive children spray their child at night while they are sleeping

Reported Contraindications

We cannot find any literature on on contraindications of MB12.

Note: It is listed in the medical literature as a possible anti-tumor agent, but may NOT be indicated for some people with certain types of leukemia where increased methylation may not be desired. See your doctor for more information.

Possible Side Effects

A minority of people encounter temporary hyperactivity after dosing MB12. Many people continue its use unless the hyperactivity continues. A small amount of people may not tolerate MB12 well and get headaches from usage, which we suggest discontinuing further use and trying other types of detoxification first. Other unlikely but possible indications that MB12 is not being well tolerated might include:  

  1. Feeling cranky or sleepy, especially if taken on an empty stomach
  2. Feeling hyperactive, which may be a reaction to folinic. Typically this happens to a minority of children with autism.
  3. Rare nighttime incontinence with some autistic children (who we believe are detoxifying metals at the beginning of MB12 use).
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None of this document’s information has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration and it was written by a parent and independent researcher. This information is based on published medical literature and anecdotes and should not be considered medical advice. To date, there are not any published studies on MB12 Nasal Spray. The conclusions on this page are primarily based on individual reports.