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Tongues of the Chronically Ill

My son's tongue (above) after we cleaned up his diet and used antifungals. At the time of this picture he was free of his major symptoms of autism. There is a hint of a white coating, but otherwise a very pink and normal colored tongue. To see the before picture on video, click on "Chronic Illness Recoveries" to the left and watch "Ethan's Recovery."

A child with asthma. White fungus, red dots, shiny mucus all over the tongue (mucus is produced by the body to push the fungus away from the tissue. We see the shiny mucus quite often with asthma). The fungus comes from the intestines and travels about 15 feet to express itself on the tongue.

A 14 year old with asthma (his video is on the Chronic Illness Recovery page). White fungus, raised red dots, and a shiny mucus coating.

A child with asthma. Thick white and yellowish fungus, raised white dots, red dots, shiny mucus, extra siliva.

A woman with chronic viral infections. Thick white coated tongue, shiny mucus, raised white patches and red dots, extra siliva, jagged edges to her tongue (a sign of malnourshment).

A woman with Fibromyalgia. White and yellowish fungus progressively worse toward the back of the tongue, red dots, extensive amounts of shiny mucus

A 4 year old with severe ADHD. Thick patchy white fungus coated tongue and red dots.

A teenager with mild ADHD symptoms. A white fungal coating and lesions further back on the tongue.

A woman with chronic fatigue symptoms for years after she gave birth to her child.

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