Seeing Through The Foggy Mind

I woke up this morning with some new ideas.  This happens quite often and I notice that in the mornings my mind is so clear and creative.  It’s like my brain becomes more cloudy and agitated during the day.  If I have a problem that I can’t figure out at night, poof, the answers often come in the morning.  If my mind is spinning with some issue at night, poof, in the morning it is calm as can be, I have a clear perspective and the answers come.

I have even organized my schedule by choosing the most creative things to do in the morning and then the more task oriented things in the afternoon.  I also notice that with each meal there is chance that my mind will become more unclear, especially if I am combining fruit with vegetables and meats or if I am eating complex carbs and starches or sugars.  So, my digestive enzyme activity and fungal and bacterial balance might be playing a role.

It also seems possible to me that the reaction could be related to my immune system.  I am clearer minded the less I eat, and when I eat better foods.  When I have a noticeable viral infection like the flu or a sore throat (which I haven’t had in many years), the immune response is said to give you that unclear feeling.  And, if my stomach feels off at all, it is always better in the morning.

Today, I have a much lower incidence of gut reactions with the exception of gas when I eat the wrong foods.  I do notice a relationship between stressful thoughts and food cravings.  Food seems to be my second addictive or obsessive response to stress, the first being getting hyper-focused on my thinking.  I also notice that if my diet is off, I can gain 10 lbs in a few days, which floors me because I doubt I ate an extra 10 pound of food.  I have often thought that it is not just the foods I am eating. Maybe it is more like the toxins created from the bugs in my gut that feed off of the complex carbs and starches or the remains of undigested foods from bad food combining.

I used to think my clear mind came from just resting at night, and now I think it may be more than that.  Maybe there is an immune system response that builds during the day and that response causes my brain to fog.  Maybe it is an oxidative stress response combined with an immune system reaction that resets itself at night.

I never wake up with food cravings.  I hardly wake up with an obsessive thought and if I do, it’s like this morning when I wake up with an idea that hadn’t been as clear before.  To me it feels like god talked to me while I was sleeping, which could be true, or maybe my mind is just this clear when my blood clears and my immune system calms down.  I would love to have this clear minded thinking all day, but then again if I did this post would probably be a lot longer.

What do you think?

Note: I hardly proofread my writings, which makes writing very difficult for me because I’m a perfectionist.  It seems that writing causes a fight between my symptoms of ADHD (getting bored quickly) and my OCD (needing to have everything in order) and my codependency (my thinking that who I am is based on what you think).  So, in my sane mind I just write and not care, but here I am writing this with the motive of influencing you to have empathy for this writing style.  Exploring sanity is tricky.