Seeing Through The Foggy Mind

I woke up this morning with some new ideas.  This happens quite often and I notice that in the mornings my mind is so clear and creative.  It’s like my brain becomes more cloudy and agitated during the day.  If I have a problem that I can’t figure out at night, poof, the answers often come in the morning.  If my mind is spinning with some issue at night, poof, in the morning it is calm as can be, I have a clear perspective and the answers come.

I have even organized my schedule by choosing the most creative things to do in the morning and then the more task oriented things in the afternoon.  I also notice that with each meal there is chance that my mind will become more unclear, especially if I am combining fruit with vegetables and meats or if I am eating complex carbs and starches or sugars.  So, my digestive enzyme activity and fungal and bacterial balance might be playing a role.

It also seems possible to me that the reaction could be related to my immune system.  I am clearer minded the less I eat, and when I eat better foods.  When I have a noticeable viral infection like the flu or a sore throat (which I haven’t had in many years), the immune response is said to give you that unclear feeling.  And, if my stomach feels off at all, it is always better in the morning.

Today, I have a much lower incidence of gut reactions with the exception of gas when I eat the wrong foods.  I do notice a relationship between stressful thoughts and food cravings.  Food seems to be my second addictive or obsessive response to stress, the first being getting hyper-focused on my thinking.  I also notice that if my diet is off, I can gain 10 lbs in a few days, which floors me because I doubt I ate an extra 10 pound of food.  I have often thought that it is not just the foods I am eating. Maybe it is more like the toxins created from the bugs in my gut that feed off of the complex carbs and starches or the remains of undigested foods from bad food combining.

I used to think my clear mind came from just resting at night, and now I think it may be more than that.  Maybe there is an immune system response that builds during the day and that response causes my brain to fog.  Maybe it is an oxidative stress response combined with an immune system reaction that resets itself at night.

I never wake up with food cravings.  I hardly wake up with an obsessive thought and if I do, it’s like this morning when I wake up with an idea that hadn’t been as clear before.  To me it feels like god talked to me while I was sleeping, which could be true, or maybe my mind is just this clear when my blood clears and my immune system calms down.  I would love to have this clear minded thinking all day, but then again if I did this post would probably be a lot longer.

What do you think?

Note: I hardly proofread my writings, which makes writing very difficult for me because I’m a perfectionist.  It seems that writing causes a fight between my symptoms of ADHD (getting bored quickly) and my OCD (needing to have everything in order) and my codependency (my thinking that who I am is based on what you think).  So, in my sane mind I just write and not care, but here I am writing this with the motive of influencing you to have empathy for this writing style.  Exploring sanity is tricky.

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20 Responses to “Seeing Through The Foggy Mind”

  • Pamela Gibbons says:

    Interesting, It’s probably a combination of everything, food, immune system, etc.. My thought personally is that there really is to much stress these days, which I beleive stress causes a lot of issues with the body. I think most people now a days forget how to enjoy life and simplicity. You could be waking up thinking more clearly cause your really not thinking so much on what NEEDS to be done for the day. And once you start the day and start worrying (even if you think your not thinking of it so much )what you need to do it does put stress on your body that you might not realize and is effecting your mood and foods you eat contribute to the stress that is already on the body. Sometimes we just eat out of habit when our bodies don’t actually need it. Sometimes there is a misconception as food as comfort. As far as eating and stress I find myself feeling better when I would just pick on foods all day, and of course the healthier the better. No one has the perfect life with no stress…. but maybe we all need to slow down a bit in our personal day to day lives. I think a lot of that has to do with clear thinking. Don’t know if this makes any sense but just my thoughts.

  • Jill Walton says:

    I felt really excited about an invitation to your personal blog. I think you have alot of great insights. Your first post really resonates with me and I think there is alot of truth to it. I am going to observe myself a little closer and watch what happens. Keep up the strong work. Thank you for sharing.

  • Darlene DeMott says:

    Stan, you’re on to something here. I am overweight but when I went on the SCD with my daughter I lost 30 lbs in 3 months. Other things I’ve noticed are times in my life when I’ve fasted. For me that involves drinking water and veggie juices. I prefer cabbage and broccoli juices. The last fast was inspired by bad news to the point I just couldn’t eat. Above and beyond the kind of stress that makes you and I want to eat MORE or unhealthy. Anyway, I fasted for nearly 6 weeks during which time I felt I had insight, clarity, revelations and an epiphany or two int he process. I do lose weight but even more it’s obvious how quiet and calm my entire body gets – unless or until it needs more veggie juice. I feel very calm during these times. Slower to anger. Hard to put into words but I know you understand. I do feel like at first there’s a die-off process like when we first go on the SCD. But the resulting clarity is so worth it! How must the kids feel??
    P.S. – I’m also a morning person. Prefer to do math, bills, details, that sort of thing in the a.m. HUGS!

  • Laura Goddin says:

    I have to comment on “exploring sanity is tricky.”

    My psychology prof when I attended college told us “reality is largely in your head.” and “paranoia is total situational awareness.” — I really loved both of these quotes, as they hold so much personal truth to them. I would suggest that “sanity” is relative. (“Insanity” is repeating the same thing over and over expecting a different result –would the reverse really be true? :)

    I was watching TV, and this commercial came on about high fructose corn syrup. My autistic brother said “see Laura, there isn’t anything wrong with high fructose corn syrup.” –I whipped my head around, and said “how do you figure?” — and he said “because, they don’t put lies on TV.” — I think this sums up most people. I call it “soundbite education.” (“It’s on the news! it must be true” or my personal favorite “my doctor said….(insert something insane like) just because I got my gall bladder out, doesn’t mean I need digestive enzymes — but it couldn’t hurt.” — Needless to say, I have this GREAT blank stare look….

    Clear thinking — in my humble opinion — means you have the ability to throw out what you’ve been told, and get to know how to be uncomfortable in a educated – student like way.

    I also think “stress” and “pain” are not necessarily bad things. (As we like to label everything “good and bad.” — Pain lets us know that something isn’t right, and stress let’s us know that we are uncomfortable with the current state of affairs, and something requires immediate change. As much as they interfere with my day, (and are annoying buggers), they are welcome because it lets me know that I need to stop and switch gears.

    And I am totally backwards from the way you do things. I put the objectional work first, so that I am free to enjoy the rest of my day. I find that I cannot be creative until I take care of the stress and pain guys first.

    You asked us (on the mb12valtrex site) — why do we think the way we do? (IMO) I would say it’s a culmination of our belief systems (religious, political, familial, etc.) That has been scripted to us by our parents, teachers, family, etc. — It’s a rare person that can move beyond those belief systems to higher levels of thinking. It’s not that we all aren’t capable of this (as we are) — it’s just we get “stuck” in the belief system, and then the ego sets in, (and you can’t give up this or that belief system because then your world comes down like a deck of cards.) I mean, have you ever witnessed a poorly articulated “sorry.” — Most people can’t even apologize correctly. Sorry with a “but” is not a sorry at all. Most people make excuses about what happened, instead of just saying “I screwed up, I am so sorry.” or worse, they whine about why it happened in the first place…ugh, I really don’t have patience for that. But learning to humble yourself (like articulating a proper apology), is a slap in the face to your belief systems. It’s seen as weak.

    Life is dynamic, not static, belief systems should be too, dynamic not static.

    You asked us how we can move beyond “stress” and face our fears. Well, first you have to know what they are, and articulate them. Write them down. That way you know what they are. If you have a worry, put it on an index card, and throw it in the “worry” box. I know how stupid this sounds, but when you see it on paper, you either say “that’s stupid” or “that’s about right.” — I worry that my kid won’t recover. I worry that I won’t find combination and he will be stuck in a shitty system. You move past it, by realizing that is not what you want. Hell, I make it sound so easy don’t I? It’s not. Its a conscious effort everyday…

    …and I have to comment on Pam’s thought (they are good thoughts) — I agree. But how do you slow down when the demands become more and more? Like when your health insurance choices come up, you have play psychic about what is going to happen in the next year.

    The system is set up for people to fail I think. We are not failing. The system is failing. Think about how many systems are in serious need of overhaul. And then somehow, we get caught in the aftermath of an already failed system and think somehow we are at fault. No — we are casualties of these failed systems. And we point fingers at each other instead of addressing the real problem (our belief system) — because we truly don’t know how to fix it. We hide behind our “labels” which tout our belief systems — because it’s safe. This is where our stress comes from and it never goes away, because we can’t confront it.

    People (who I think are smarter than I) just say “screw it, I’ll get a beer. and watch American Idol.” as I sit there and contemplate how to fix the problem. Why can’t I just say “screw it?”

    Autism reminded me of a few things. 1. Life is dynamic. It’s changing. I must change with it if I am going to keep up. 2. Pain and Stress are good indicators of a growth spurt. I try to keep that in mind when I having a hard time dealing with them. 3. Nothing is permanent, except for natural laws. And even then there are ways around it. (you know like flying. I know I can’t throw myself off a cliff and fly, but I can take a plane, or strap myself to a glider and get the same effect. right?) — Flapping doesn’t work.

    :) laura — aw rambling thoughts at 1:38am…must get sleep…

  • Anonymous says:

    …”I used to think my clear mind came from just resting at night, and now I think it may be more than that.”….. “To me it feels like God talked to me while I was sleeping, which could be true,”…
    *All our physical illness is connected to an emotional root.
    Ref. Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer.
    *Our emotional traumas sit in our subconscious mind and become our shadows.
    Ref. Sigman Froid Psychologist and Jung’s psychology.
    *Shadows of our subconscious mind resolves during sleep thought our dreams.
    Ref. Dreams, Symbols, and Homeopathy, By Jane CICCHETTI, RSHom(NA), CCH

    We are a universe within a universe, and the microorganisms living inside us do control how we feel and how we react to stressors in our life. Providing them with nourishing and appropriate food, they tend to find homeostasis that translates into the well feeling in us.
    During the night there is a lot of fasting hours, enough to help the micro world to replenish itself if the wrong foods have been introduced; as a result the morning is the best time of the day. As soon as bad food decisions are talked again the vicious cycle starts all over.
    Bacteria, viruses and fungi, they all are alive inside us and have a purpose in our life, just like all of us with each other and the universe that holds them (us) and the universe that hold us. It’s up to us to keep this body “their universe” in balance so it’s habitants inside can live in homeostasis and in a symbiotic relationship with each other just as we should and try to do by being humans within our world and our universe but sadly must of the time we fail causing pollution in all levels and depleting our world from resources. Main problem…EGO, greed and selfishness.
    Ref. Riddled with Life: Friendly Worms, Ladybug Sex, and the Parasites That Make Us Who We Are. By MARLENE ZUK. Professor of Biology

    My best in your journey.

    An anonymous friend out there.

  • Wendy says:

    And your brain isn’t still developing, so can you imagine the chaos going on the minds of our little ones with autism?!!
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Your story was the first one I read that made me realize an antiviral trial was likely the key for my son. I continue to fight the pediatrician over that one, but in the meantime, diet has played too big a role in my child’s ongoing healing for there to be any doubt in my mind that you are absolutely right.

  • Meadow Davidson says:

    I used to think I was the only one who ever felt that way!! I feel better in the morning (when on dairy it was a different story) and although I am not a morning person by any means, I do wake up with my brain feeling functional and my body not so tired and more willing to work. Even with dietary restrictions, I feel my mind get foggier throughout the day and harder to have energy and patience. Some may argue that is the way it is as you get older, but I think there is more to it. Thanks for sharing~!

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