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Broadcasting from Autism One Radio Stan Kurtz, owner of an innovative private school that focuses on health as part of child development, a parent whose son recovered with anti-viral therapy, the innovative originator of methylcobalamin (MB12) nasal spray, and a researcher who continues to highlight the relationship between viruses, fungus, and metals detoxification, will present novel approaches to achieving optimal health, development, and functioning of people with autism spectrum disorders and chronic illness.

Stan is a parent, research and teacher. He is not a doctor and does not give medical advices. Please consult a Defeat Autism Now! or a Natrapathic Practitioner for medical treatment.

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Are Our Kids Tripping?
Windows Media Player 12/10/06 • 27 Mins

Eddie was suffering from chronic intestinal fungal overgrowth. Captured on film, after a single trial of Methylcobalamin (MB12) Nasal Spray, Eddie went on a LSD-like trip, but Eddie had never taken drugs before. Is his experience a model that may demonstrate autism, a condition that commonly is associated with fungal overgrowth, might be caused by fungal toxins creating a psychotropic effects?

Guests Dr. David Quig, Vice President of Research at Doctors Data Inc, and Dr. Richard Deth, Professor of Pharmocology and a neuropharmacologist at North Eastern University talk these possibilites as Eddie talks about his healing experience.


Ken Fisher Ken bowling
Striking Insights Into the Mind of Autism
Windows Media PlayerQuicktime • 11/14/06 • 33 Mins

He is witty, has his own language, and while bowling he can tell you which pins will stay up and which will fall. All the while he could end up hitting himself because of his overwhelmingly strong feelings.

Ken Fisher, a 47 year old bowling savant with autism, and his mother describe what it's like to live with autism. Ken's explanations how his mind works, shows you his amazing talents and describes the challenges that come along with it.


Boyd Haley PhD. Dr. Haley and Stan
Boyd Haley PhD - University of Kentucky
Windows Media Player • 9/11/06 • 100 mins

Guest Dr. Haley, professor and former Chairman of the department of Chemistry for University of Kentucky, and host Stan Kurtz candidly discuss many issues related to autism and chronic illness including mercury and the synergistic effects of antibiotics, fungus, viruses and bacteria, and when might be the best time to chelate children with autism.  Also discussed is the surrounding politics, the influence of big pharma and Dr. Haley’s latest Chelation agents.

Dr. Haley: "I think the ADA (American Dental Association) will go down in history as one of the worst crimes ever commited against the human race..."

This discussion also includes the metals/testosterone connection, antibiotics and its relationship to mercury and the origins of alheimers disease and information about porphyrin testing.

Dr. Boyd Haley is a Professor and two-term Chairman of the Department of Chemistry at University of Kentucky. He is an author of 122 published peer-reviewed medical studies and articles and has received millions of dollars in funding grants, many of them from the National Institute of Health.  Dr. Haley has testified to the FDA and at congressional hearings about the dangers of mercury and he is one of the most direct and outspoken people advocating for the elimination of mercury exposure.


Dr Shaw
William Shaw PhD - Great Plains Laboratories
Windows Media PlayerMP3 • 8/14/06 • 60 mins

Does transdermal chelation really work? Why do children with autism have uranium in their hair and how can we protect our kids against it? What are the two most important tests to run on your child? What relationship does fungus have with oxalates? What are natural remedies for fungal overgrowth? Could an immune system response be responsible for methylcobalamin difficiency? These and other questions are explored as Dr. Shaw and Stan Kurtz speak From the Children's Corner.

Guest Dr. William Shaw is board certified in clinical chemistry and toxicology, he worked for the Center of Disease Control (CDC) heading departments of endocrinology, nutritional biochemistry, toxicology and immunology. He also was the director of clinical chemistry, endocrinology and toxicology at Children's Hospital in Kansas City and is currently the Executive Director of Great Plains Laboratories. Dr Shaw is also the author of Biological Treatments for Autism on Pervasive Development Disorder (PDD).


Dr. Deth
Richard Deth PhD. - Northeastern University
Autism OneQuicktime • 7/10/06 • 60 mins

Could methylation be ground zero of autism, attention deficit and many types of chronic illness?

Guest Dr. Richard Deth, a molecular neuropharmacologist and Professor of Pharmacology at Northeastern University in Boston, discusses the possible origins of human attention and the rationale of how methylcobalamin (MB12) and Valtrex therapy may have such remarkable results in children with autism spectrum and other neurological disorders and physiological conditions. Dr. Deth is also the auther of The Molecular Origins of Human Attention, the Dopamine Folate Connection.