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Crohn's Recovery 

My Journey

By Anne Molinier

This whole nightmare started with my ten year old child having a stomach ache on the 12th of August of this year. On the 13th he had diarrhea, so I gave him some Imodium to no avail. The next few days passed and his diarrhea increased. I called the IBD specialist on the 16th of August and saw her on the 21st. In the meantime, his stools were getting more frequent with blood and considerable pain. The Doctor prescribed Flagil, with no apparent change. On the 28th we had to start him on laxatives for 2 days awaiting the colonoscopy and endoscopy. I was getting quite scared and sleep was becoming nonexistent.

The doctor informed us that the results showed that my child had Crohn’s Colitis, a devastating diagnosis.  The doctor immediately placed him on a low residue diet mainly consisting ingesting all the white carbs, whilst still continuing the Flagil.

On September 7th, he was placed on another medication called Lialda.  That night he was writhing around in agony. The amount of stools doubled and they were bloody and watery. By this time I was sleeping 2 to 3 hours a night, my son was up with urgent stools and it was getting worse. I would rub his tummy for long periods of time, praying that the pain would cease. The anguish in his eyes was almost unbearable to watch. He claimed his lower abdomen felt as if someone was cutting into it. I stopped the Lialda, as it seemed to be poisoning his system.

September 10th, he was placed on an antibiotic called Ciprofloxacin, two pills a day for two weeks. Meanwhile he was losing weight and his pallor was only matched by the white food he was eating. I felt myself disappearing, as if my soul was somehow linked to his wellbeing. I felt myself curling up into a ball from the inside out.

After one and a half weeks, with no change, he then got a bladder infection. So now, not only was he in pain when he pooped, but it stung him to pee as well. This he was now doing up to twenty times during the day. I was informed that it was a yeast infection and he was put on three days of an anti-viral medication.

I was beside myself with worry and did not know what to do. Here we were, under the care of a specialist in this field, and all I could see was my baby getting worse. He was a mere shadow of himself and was so weak it was heartbreaking. 

Meanwhile I was looking up info on the web at every opportunity and getting more confused and terribly sad. I was sleeping very little as each creak I heard, I thought it was him trying to get to the bathroom on time. Food was hard to consume as my stomach felt full of knots. The stress of getting him to school and hoping he would make it through the day without an ‘accident’ or pain was consuming me. I was spiraling down into a dark place where I could see no way out, no help, no hope.

It was during my darkest time that me niece had her fifth birthday. My brother brought cup cakes for her kindergarten classmates. However, he noticed one little boy had not taken one. Upon inquiring as to why, the boy answered that it was not good for him. Intrigued and feeling bad that he had not known of any special dietary needs in the classroom, the next day my brother approached the boy’s father to find out what the situation was.

The father, Stan Kurtz, explained how his child, Ethan, had been diagnosed with Autism when he was two years old. Through intense research he had developed a diet that had eventually cured the child of Autism. Stan then went on to explain that he had placed himself on the same dietary plan, which surprisingly had cured him of IBS, which he had suffered from for all his life. My brother jumped at the chance to tell Stan about his nephew’s recent diagnosis and how badly he and his mother were doing (that would be me). Stan then offered his number for me to call and my brother then suggested to me that I should call, this was on the twentieth of September.

The next day, I was very nervous about calling and was feeling so overwhelmed and unsure of everything that I almost chose not to. However, around three in the afternoon, feeling weak and frail and downright at my wits end, I did call. What I got on the other end of the phone was an energetic, strong and forceful guy who threw as much information into our call as if it was of vital importance to him that I follow his instructions immediately. He then stated I needed to be at his house at eleven the following morning. 

I could barely decipher words such as ‘activated charcoal’ and juice, no carbohydrates etc… My mind felt trapped and numb. I got off the phone unsure of what to do next. Here was this complete stranger telling me to place my sickly child on the exact opposite diet to the Doctor’s instructions. What should I do? I could hardly breathe for fear of doing something wrong, that might further endanger my child. A stranger was inviting me to his house on a sacred day in his religion, Yom Kippur, I should honor it in some way. I remember hearing him say ‘whole foods’ among the myriad of words.

Off I went in my car to the supermarket, feeling panic rising in me with each breath. I managed to get to the aisle in question and found the activated charcoal. Upon reading the label, ‘consult your physician’ felt my head explode. I started to shake uncontrollably and felt my body crumble to the floor. Harsh sobs seemed to fall out of me, almost as if they were not coming from me. I was disoriented and after what seemed like hours, though probably only minutes, managed to call my brother. He insisted I did not drive and came to get me. We spoke for a while and I realized the whole ‘believing in your Doctor’ was being severely tested. I had never felt so lost. My brother felt bad that he had given me Stan’s number as he saw my conversation as the catalyst to my breakdown.

After only a couple of hours sleep, I was feeling worse, if possible and did not want to go to Stan’s house. However, I remained touched that he had put aside his private family time for me, a desperate stranger. As it was Yom Kippur, I was unsure whether I should call. I just wanted to hide under the bed covers. I called my brother and begged him to go to Stan’s house for me but he was unwilling. I then asked my child’s father who told me to simply call and cancel. Finally, I felt I had no choice, and dragged myself over to his house, minus my child, even though Stan had requested both of us. I did not want to bring him; it was not the right time. (Stan later told me that meant to be there alone)

I arrived and rang the doorbell, feeling sick and dizzy and not wanting to be there. My imagination had taken over and I imagined a huge overbearing man who would be firing his beliefs at me in a bullying manner. The door opened, and to my relief, there stood a gentle being clad in PJs. I felt as though I might be intruding but instead was warmly greeted and led to a room where the sweetest little boy was playing. This was Stan’s six-year-old son, Ethan. With great excitement I was shown a flying helicopter. Whether introducing me to Ethan was a ploy to calm me or just a distraction whilst Stan changed into his daytime attire, I am not sure, but it worked! Ethan’s enthusiasm was just what I needed to commence my journey.

Stan spent the next three hours with me explaining in great detail about the nature of my child’s disease and about his conviction that through diet it will disappear. I had physical proof that diet can work since Ethan had been diagnosed with Autism and in front of me was a wonderfully healthy, normal little boy with a sharp mind and a gleam in his eye.

I was given delicious juice and a specialized form of B12. I watched recovery videos and I left there feeling something I had forgotten how to: hope. Stan mentioned that he would be available around four o'clock if I wanted to return with my son.

I did have plans for the afternoon, but somehow felt the importance of their meeting as soon as possible. I returned with a very miserable, grumpy child who thought of Stan as the enemy since he had heard that this person wanted to deprive him of all his favorite foods: carbs. He would not even give Stan eye contact initially.

Stan soon had him chatting and explained the diet and the importance of following it, with the goal of being healthy again. Ethan was also around entertaining us. Somewhere during the further two hours we spent there, something in my child changed and I could tell there was hope that he would be on board with starting the diet. Stan had somehow managed to gain his trust. I was desperate and decided that I should embark on this new venture. His Doctor was away for the next week and he was no longer on any medication, it seemed the perfect time.

Within twenty-four hours of being on the diet, my son went from diarrhea, to producing something semi-formed, the first time since mid August. Now, this was an incredibly hard detox diet for a ten year old. I kept him home from school for the first two days, as he was so exhausted and miserable. The first few days felt as if I had a drug addict in detox. He would cry and sob for bread or noodles or milk. At other times he would scream at me that I was a bad mother for not giving him waffles and that he hated me. It was beyond anything I had ever experienced before. Stretching myself to the limit, we plowed on only because I had visible proof that it was working. Within forty-eight hours he was down to going twice a day and getting more formed each time. Within five days, he was producing normal shapes, though still soft. Within a week he was down to once a day and normally formed. 

To call this a miracle almost defies logic. During this whole time, though always very busy, Stan was available every step of the way. Any question, problem or meltdown Stan was there for me. Even in my darkest moments, it warmed me to know I had such incredible support. 

My son started to lose his pallor and put on a little weight. He started to laugh again and had energy. He was taking the activated charcoal, following the diet accurately and using the nasal spay once a day. The other amazing changes were he was, and still is, totally pain free and no more blood in his stools. 

We are two weeks into this diet, he is doing remarkably well and has told me himself how well he feels and how much better the diet worked than all those medications. The doctor, during our last visit, agreed to me continuing without meds as ”I was not harming him”.  The future looks brighter, I am more relaxed and my child is doing well. To have seen him go through all that pain, and now to be pain free is everything I prayed for. I will continue to adhere to this diet, whilst seeking Stan’s advice on a daily basis. Without Stan, my child would have been placed on a drug called 6MP, as this was his doctor’s next move. 6MP suppresses the immune system and he might have gotten sicker. For now, I have a child who is healing and doing well. 

Thank God for his recovery and thank God for bringing Stan into my life.

5 Month Update by: Anne

Christian has been doing very well since he went on the special diet. He had normal bowel movements after being on the diet a week and has remained normal since. He has not had a single stomach ache, and has more energy (especially whilst doing sports). The other amazing thing is that he did not get sick in the fall, the first time since his birth. Normally he would pick up each cold or flu that was going around the school, but not this time. His immune system is the strongest its ever been, even keeping him healthy after being with others who got sick the next day!! It is an incredible difference!!!


Walkers Recovery
Lost Speech, Ear Infections, Irregular H\air Growth, Sleep Issues & Lethargy


Walker            Walker After

  Before  After  

Walker was 16 months old and had only slept through the night 3 times because of his stomach pain and anxiety..  He was unstable walking and his mother reports he had lost his speech shortly after his MMR vaccine at 15 months.  Walker also had irregular hair growth, distended belly, smelly stool, pale skin, morning lethargy and other symptoms.

Walker’s Story                   
By Laura Shanahan

At 17-month old son Walker had only slept through the night four times. Each night, he would wake for hours, crying. He had abdominal pain, diarrhea, and chronic ear infections. He was learning to speak, and then seemed to suddenly lose some of his words right around the time of his MMR vaccine. Words like doggy became “da,” and words like mommy where gone. When he would nap he would wake in a sort of daze and he was generally more tired and irritable. His hair pattern was strange too.  We were devastated.

We went to pediatricians who prescribed antibiotics and recommended surgery to put tubes in his ears.  We went to a gastroenterologist who recommended a white flour diet, and an allergist who handed us a small shopping bag full of drug samples. We felt hopeless, with our instincts telling us that none of this was right for our baby.  

It was not until my husband had a chance meeting with Stan in a computer store, that our lives began to change.  Stan approached my husband about Walker and said he felt that walker was struggling with speech delay and gut issues.  My husband was taken back at how someone who he had never met could know that our son was suffering. 

Without ever meeting me, Stan spent 90 minutes on the phone carefully explaining a diet we could. We began immediately, and that same night our son slept peacefully through the night.  The next day, while sitting at the dinner table and said, “Walker likes doggies!”  We were in utter disbelief.  Walker was now speaking clearly.  He would wake from his nap alert and happy.  Then we added [Vitamin] MB12 Nasal Spray and his vocabulary increased even more.

Now, 10 months later, Walker is doing great. He has never had another ear infection, his GI issues are nearly gone, and people are always commenting on his incredible speech and vocabulary.  Additionally in three weeks his hair had completely grown back in. Stan also sent us to a great physician who understands the Defeat Autism Now! philosophies. Even though Walker is now a typical boy, we now know how to keep him out of trouble.

Stan has done for us what no doctor was able to do – heal our son. He has always been available to us, and has never asked for anything in return. Stan changed our lives, and to us, he is a hero.